Why TenantTech®?

There are many reasons to choose TenantTech property management software…

  • State-Specific Leases and Forms: We offer attorney-approved leases and forms for 9 states across the country. In Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, and Iowa we offer the official forms of the state trade associations.
  • Web-Based: With TenantTech, there is no software to download, install, or update. Everything runs through your web browser. We handle all updates of the software, form updates, backups, hosting, and security…so you can focus on your business, not your software.
  • Easy to Use: With a simple, beautiful interface and guided processes for common tasks such as moving residents in or out, we think TenantTech will be the easiest software you’ll ever learn.
  • Full Resident Life-Cycle: TenantTech starts before residents move in, with a complete prospects and guest-card system that can be tailored to your company’s needs. With a click, prospects become applicants and can be sent to screening through one of our screening-company partners (if you wish). Next, make the applicant an incoming resident so you can complete all the move-in paperwork. Then convert them to a current resident, where they’ll be for as long as they live in the house or apartment. When it’s time to move out, issue the correct notice and do your move-out in a couple of steps. The occupants of the unit go into our Previous Residents section where you can review their tenancy and documents at any time.
  • Document Management: TenantTech offers the most advanced document-management service in property management today, with tools you’ll use every day. Print a single document for multiple residents/units with a few clicks…upload documents for your entire staff to access…customize your form groups for easy access…mark forms as favorites…pull up any document from the document history…and much, much more. Read more about TenantTech’s Document Management.
  • Powerful User Management: With TenantTech, you can easily set up an account for everyone in your office and at each community you manage. Our user system is incredibly powerful but so easy to use. You can even control what pages and features each user role has access to across your entire company. Link users to specific properties; send welcome emails; even review a log of user actions to find out when those notices were really issued.
  • Reduce Paper: No more spiral notebooks, because your manager’s log just went electronic. Plus, add unlimited notes and file attachments to current residents, previous residents, and even vendors. Email rental application links to prospects. Email completed forms. Get management approval for maintenance work orders. In many ways, TenantTech gives you the information you need without the use of paper files.
  • Great Customer Service: What would great software be without great customer service and support? Call us during business hours and a real life person will answer the phone. Someone who has instant access to your account and knows the answers to your questions, or can find out quickly. Technical support and training are always free.
  • Free Data Import: Send us an Excel file of your current rent roll, and we’ll import the data quickly at no cost. Residents, units, rents, lease dates, addresses, it all flows into the system to get you set up quickly so you can hit the ground running in TenantTech.
  • Highly Responsive: We believe that the best ideas come from our customers. That’s why we listen when you talk to us. Do you have a feature you’d like to see? Something not working in the best way for you? Give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. Some of our most exciting new features grew out of customer requests, including our renter’s insurance tracking.
  • Secure: With TenantTech, we maintain the highest levels of security so you know your data is protected 24/7/365. Read more about TenantTech’s security.