Forms & Document Management

Document History — get instant access to any documents created within the system, with the ability to pull up the actual PDF that was generated originally. Search by date, keyword, or document type.

Favorite Forms — make any form a favorite with a single click on the form while editing. Your list of favorites appears on the forms screen.

Document Upload — easily upload company documents that all of your users can access. Make them company-wide or restrict to a certain property. Great for employee manuals, handbooks, or anything that you want to distribute and make easily available.

Custom Rental Criteria — you can upload your own PDF for custom criteria for each property or for the entire company.

Custom Letters — we found many of our clients were still using Word for things like rent increase letters. So we created a powerful custom letter template system. Any manager or user can set up a letter in the program, and they can be shared with the rest of the company. Within the letter you can put in fields like resident name, date, unit number, property info, etc. (“Dear <<name>>”.) And all of that is auto-replaced with custom info when you view the letter for a unit. And you can also put in your own custom fields, which then show up as fillable when you generate the letter.

Custom letters generate as PDFs right along with regular forms, can be emailed, and are saved in Document History, etc.

Resident & Unit Management

Move in process — A guided set of screens making it easy to do a move-in and ending with the mandatory and optional documents set up by the company for that property and unit type. This can be started from the Dashboard or from the Residents section.

Move out process — A guided set of screens making it easy to move out one or all residents of a unit; puts residents into our Resident History area. Move-out can be started from the Dashboard or from the Residents section. When the unit is vacant, it lets you set the available date so it can display the vacancy list.

Resident History — As part of tracking the full resident lifecycle, we keep a resident history for current and previous residents. Here you can find residents who have moved out, see what documents were generated for them, input or review resident references, and more.

Manage Animals — Allows for things like a report showing all animals at property, etc. You can insert the data onto the pet agreement with one click, or edit the animals data from there. Even put in your own animal types.

Manage Vehicles — Enter vehicles, link to residents, enter license plates which can then be searched on any screen through our instant global search.

Minors / Other Occupants — Enter them separately from the lease, but they flow onto forms as needed. Allows you to view a report of all minors, and be notified when they turn 18 to be added to lease.

Contact Info — View/edit/print for each resident group.

Renter’s Insurance Tracking — Very handy feature for companies that require renter’s insurance; includes a customizable report listing units with/without renter’s insurance.

Notes/Attachments — Add notes and upload attachments for residents, vendors, etc.

Prospects & Guest Card — A full guest-card and prospects traffic system. The guest card allows tracking of many different bits of information, and can be customized by client company. Traffic reports are available and customizable. Prospects can be converted to applicants or sent an online application.

Resident References — For residents in the Resident History, the manager can enter a custom reference; this allows them to instantly pull up old residents and see if they paid late, had notices, etc., without going to old paper files; what questions are asked in the reference is 100% customizable by the user on a special setup screen. Highly customizable for your company’s unique needs.

Floor Plans — Set up standard floor plans and apply them to units so they are set up the same way. Includes image upload.

Unit Address — You can set unit address to match the property or the building, or make a custom address for the unit; important for flexibility in displaying the right address on forms for various different companies and properties.

Unit History — See all actions taken on a particular unit.

Unit Inventory/Assets — Track assets like carpet, dishwashers, water heaters, etc.; link to Work Orders in the Maintenance Module. Users can set where the item is installed as well as what the item is. Many different bits of info can be added here, such as where purchased, date purchased, make, model, serial number, color, expected service life, etc.

Maintenance/Work Orders — Powerful yet easy to use, our maintenance and work orders system lets you track work orders, tasks, maintenance staff, vendors, parts, mileage, time spent, and other information. Easily print or email attractive service requests. Receive maintenance/repair requests directly from residents via your website. Automate workflow by requesting approvals via email with a couple of clicks.


Global Instant Search — In one field, search residents, units, vendors, license plates, and phone numbers; just start typing to see all matching results by type. So if you type “jo” you might see John Smith (resident), JoAnne’s Plumbing (vendor), and “JOA 456” (license plate). Type a bit more to narrow down, or pick from the list.

Manager’s Log — Electronically replaces the manager’s spiral notebook. Each entry is date- and time-stamped and cannot be edited after it is saved. This means that to make a change, you have to make a new entry…just like in a spiral notebook and a pen. Users can view the entire manager’s log or order a certified copy.

Dashboard — when users log in, they see the Dashboard, an overview of property activity and status. Here they can start a move in, do a move out, view alerts, see the vacancy list, check their traffic, and do a quick prorate calculation for any date and amount.

Alerts/Notifications — TenantTech® can generate various types of alerts that show up on the Dashboard and/or email the user, depending on user settings. For example, reminders or new online rental applications will put an alert on the Dashboard. Users can read the short alerts, click on them to jump to the referenced item, or delete them with a click.

User management — Our powerful user-management system is flexible enough for companies large and small. Each user role can be granted or denied specific permissions across the pages of the site. Create unlimited users for free.

User Action Logs — Look and see what each user has done, by date; allows supervisors to verify that an action was taken on a particular day.

Owners — Enter owners and percentages for a property or single-family homes. The owners system allows us to display different information on forms for different single-family homes.

Reports — Fully customizable on the fly; print, save, export to Excel. Reports include rent roll, residents, traffic, animals, vehicles, minors, renter’s insurance, unit inventory, lease renewal, lease expiration, maintenance, vendor list, move in, vacancy list, property list, manager’s log. Easily drag and drop the fields you want to see and re-order them by simple dragging.

Reminders — Want to make your resident retention plan almost automatic? You can set up as many reminders as you want, and they automatically notify you when certain conditions are met. Choose from lease renewal, move-in follow-up, minors turning 18, and resident birthdays.

For each one, you tell the program how you want to be reminded. For example, set a move-in follow-up reminder for 7 days after move-in, then also for 14, 30, 60, 90 or whatever. Each reminder can have a custom note to yourself, which is included in the email you will receive. So it might say “Send renewal letter” or “Add to the lease.”