Property Management
Made Easy.

All the tools you need to manage your properties:

  • track prospects
  • gather applications
  • interface with screening companies
  • create move-in paperwork
  • send notices
  • and much more.

At Your Fingertips.

Custom form groups, document history, favorite forms, Print for Multiple Units, form packets, letter templates, custom forms integration…we do it all.


to Keep You

We offer attorney-approved forms and documents for 9 states, all within an amazingly powerful and easy-to-use system that lets you control which documents are available for which properties and units. Don’t forget document history, custom letters, form groups, favorite forms, automatic calculations, and more.


to Manage Your Properties

Highlights of our many time-saving property-management features include: unit availability, unit inventory, prospects and guest card, applicants, automated reminders, manager’s log, file attachments, customizable reports, maintenance tracking, online applications, and much more.


on Your
Our amazing support makes your job easy by importing your data, training your people, and providing help when you need it — all for free as part of your subscription. Experienced representatives are available to answer your questions and show you how to get the most out of TenantTech®.

Our Customers Say

Tenant Technologies truly embodies the phrase “going above and beyond.” Not only did they take the time to personally introduce us to their program, they customized it to fit our needs. Tenant Technologies’ follow up has been top notch; they have the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff and they are always available to answer any questions that we may have.

Los Pinones Apartments, Santa Fe, NM

I’ve been working with the new MultiFamilyForms program for two days, and it is spectacular. It is the most innovative, intuitive, and just plain useful property management tool I have worked with. For mid-size and large properties which have been struggling to maintain a “paper-and-pen” system, MFF will double efficiency and accuracy right out of the box.

Josh Nichols C&R Real Estate

It’s the only program I use that I DO like. It’s been a real life saver.

Chris Steffen, Resident Manager, Heritage Park Apts

I worked for IBM in tech support for over 3 years, and…I am impressed. The ease of use will make it easy for me (or anyone) to train the managers that have not used computers before.

Tamara Henson, Ironwood Village