Screening Interfaces

Instant screening of applicants is just a few clicks away without ever leaving TenantTech®. Although we are not a screening company, we interface with select screening companies to give you instant access to credit, criminal, eviction, and other reports.

How Our Screening Interfaces Work

For properties using our Online Rental Application system, applicant information will flow automatically into TenantTech, where it can be reviewed prior to screening. Or, simply create a new applicant yourself and enter the minimum required information, which typically includes name, SSN, DOB, and current address.

Now just click “Send to Screening,” and get your results in less than 20 seconds (time may vary by screening provider). Your data is securely transmitted to the screening company, which contacts the credit bureau and other databases and assembles an easy-to-read report that appears on your TenantTech screen.

Once you’ve approved the applicant, our Move In Residents feature walks you through the process of adding roommates, minors, vehicles, and animals; selecting the lease and other move-in paperwork; and generating a beautiful finished PDF, ready for signatures.

Prospect –> Application –> Screening –> Paperwork

It doesn’t get any easier or faster than that.