Document Management

One of TenantTech®’s core features is a sophisticated document-management system that functions in tandem with our overall property-management software. Like with a fancy sports car, much of the power is hidden under the hood…but it’s there when you need it. All you’ll experience when using TenantTech is a seamless system that just works.

It Does Everything You Expect: Core Functionality

  • Allows you to select one form, or multiple forms, for editing, viewing, and printing
  • Saves all entered data for every resident, unit, form, and field; the same data is there next time you select that same form for that unit/resident
  • Validates dates, currency, SSNs, and other data types
  • Automatically fills in every field it has data for
  • Performs all calculations automatically, including complex pro-rates
  • Instantly creates the finished document as a PDF that can be emailed, printed, or retrieved at any time from secure cloud storage

…And Much More: Power, Efficiency, Ease of Use

Electronic Signatures: On-site managers and residents can sign leases and other documents electronically without using paper. This legally compliant system is valid in all 50 states. Signed documents are always available for users with the correct permissions to access for review or printing.

Print for Single Unit: All forms are available to be printed for a single unit, meaning that the form’s blanks will be auto-populated with data from the currently selected unit/resident. You can select one form, or many, before moving to the data entry screen to input any data not already in TenantTech. Once all information has been entered for each selected form, proceed to the view forms page, where the PDF appears and can be printed or emailed.

Print for Multiple Units: Start with a particular form, then pick as many units as you want. Enter information on a single screen to customize the form for every unit/resident you selected. Basic information can be applied to all units with a single click. Move on to View Forms to see a single PDF containing a perfectly customized version of the form for every unit you selected – 20 units, 20 customized forms, all in a few minutes from a single screen. An incredible time-saver not found in most other forms systems.

Email Documents: When you reach the View Forms screen, you can quickly and easily email the generated PDF through TenantTech. The PDF is attached to a customized email. This is handy not just for emailing to residents or applicants, but also to supervisors who need to see reports.

Document History: PDFs are stored on secure cloud servers for later access via Document History. Here you can select a current or previous resident and pull up the full history of every document created for that unit/resident. Documents are arranged by date and can be searched and sorted. You can select from various form “tags” (Application, Notice, etc.), giving you the ability to easily see how many and what notices have been created for a unit or to review a rental agreement from years ago, without going to the paper file.

Logo Customization: Every form generated by TenantTech is customized at the top with your company logo.

Favorite Forms: Any time you work with a particular form, you can designate it as a “favorite form” with a single click. All favorites are then available in a special Favorite Forms group on the Forms & Docs screen. This gives you a quick way to access forms that you use often.

Custom Forms: Our amazing custom forms system allows you to put custom PDF forms into our system (minimal fees may apply depending on unit count). The difference between this and our Custom Letter Templates is that custom forms are entered into the system by our forms manager and are usually more “designed” or more complex. For example, weekly and monthly reports, pool rules, etc. Custom forms function just like regular forms, can go into form lists and form groups, and often have very complicated data-entry templates, sometimes with hundreds of fields.

Custom Letter Templates: This feature allows select users to create their own forms, letters, and documents directly in TenantTech. It’s easy to create a new letter template by typing or pasting the language you want. Then select fields to insert such as resident name, unit number, property name, property address, manager name, etc. In addition, you can insert your own custom variables, which appear as blanks on the Data Entry screen.

Uploaded Documents: In response to a growing need among our management-company clients to share miscellaneous documents of all types among their staff, we created Uploaded Documents. Quickly upload any document and share it with all your properties, or just a few. Your users can open the documents outside of the regular TenantTech documents system, which is tied to residents and properties.

Move In Residents: This feature allows you to enter all of the resident information in one place, and then choose the forms you want to generate for the move-in. All forms from the “Move In Mandatory” group are pre-selected. All forms in the “Move In Optional” group are available to be selected (for example, Pet Agreement, Co-Signer, Garage, Parking, etc.). As the flow continues, you’ll fill out the forms, review the final PDF, and print the lease packet with just a few minutes of work.

Form Lists: We ensure that each company, property, and even unit receives the correct set of forms at all times, appropriate for its state, affordable housing designation, trade association, and company policies.

Form Groups: Put forms into groups such as Notices, Move In Mandatory, Move In Optional, Application & Criteria, Certification & Verification, etc.