At Tenant Technologies, the security of our customers’ data is fundamental to everything we do. That’s why we’ve implemented high-grade encryption on every page of our secure site, and taken many other steps to keep your sensitive information safe.

Software Security

  • Our web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is hosted on servers running an extremely secure operating system
  • We employ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data encryption between our web servers and each user’s web browser, to prevent data from being read as it travels across the internet. This is the same encryption technique used by other secure sites such as banks, ecommerce sites, etc. Our SSL certificate uses a 2048-bit key
  • Sensitive data is encrypted into our database using powerful encryption methods so that it would be nearly impossible to read in the unlikely event of a data compromise
  • Passwords are stored using a one-way encryption method, which means that even our own employees and programmers cannot access a user’s password
  • Strong passwords are enforced for all users
  • The software is programmed to display Social Security Numbers only on individual forms as needed. Users are not allowed to view or print reports containing all residents’ SSNs. Nor will the system display a full SSN during SSN editing; the entire SSN must be re-entered. All of these safeguards make it extremely difficult for anyone to use our software for identity theft
  • Users are automatically logged out after a period of inactivity
  • Our software code itself follows standard techniques to prevent all types of hacker-style attacks. We believe in a “defense in depth” practice where various techniques are maintained to build multiple layers of security that make it much more difficult to penetrate a system
  • Users who call or email for new accounts or logins are directed to their supervisors at their management company. In this way, their company can verify their identity and employment, both of which it is a security risk for us to verify over the phone or via email

Physical Security for our Servers

  • Our servers are maintained in a secure state-of-the-art data center that includes guards on premises, video cameras throughout, bullet-resistant glass, and biometric hand-scan into man-trap controlled entrance/exit
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Servers are stored in secure cages
  • Fully redundant power system includes continuous, uninterruptible power supply, multiple standby generators, and fuel purchase agreements
  • Facility-wide fire suppression technologies include an early warning detection system, fire detectors, gas system, double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Environmental monitoring system for air conditioning, water detection, and humidity control

Backup Systems

  • Data is replicated on the fly to an alternative server in a second, remote data center
  • Data is backed up daily and archived