Every apartment community of more than a few units deserves its own separate property website in order to maximize lead generation and stay competitive with the market. Did you know that TenantTech can create websites for your communities?

On the front end, you’ll receive a professionally designed, attractive, and highly functional website. On the back end, your site will be hosted on reliable cloud servers and easily customized with your own photos, floor plans, text, images, etc. You can customize it yourself by uploading your own images, or let us do it for you. You can even add or remove tabs and other navigation elements.

We’re offering three basic categories of property websites: Template, Partially Custom, and Fully Custom.

Template Sites

This is the least expensive option because you select from existing templates that are available to other management companies and property owners. Each template comes in several color options to match your style. We are currently building out our gallery of templates.

Partially Custom Sites

If you like one of our existing templates but want it more highly customized than just putting in your photos, text, and other content, we can create a partially customized version just for you. Examples of partial customizations would include custom background images, moderate alterations to the layout, and custom html forms.

Fully Custom Sites

Many times it’s important to stand out completely with your own fully customized website, built for you from the ground up. Not only will you get a professional design that nobody else has, you’ll still have the benefit of our back-end framework that lets you control the content, post blog entries, switch out images, etc.

Corporate Sites Too

Of course your management company needs its own site, so if you don’t have one or you’re looking for a facelift or a total overhaul, let us know.

To Learn More

To see how TenantTech can build your community or corporate site, see samples, and get a price quote, call our sales team at 800-230-2125 or email sales@tenanttech.com today.