At long last, users of MultiFamilyForms / TenantTech now have an amazingly easy-to-use Yardi interface! This has been in development for the last six months or so. It’s a powerful feature that will virtually eliminate double-entry for our clients who use Yardi.

How does it work?

It’s so simple that the demos we’ve been doing have only lasted a few minutes. We provide you with a single file that needs to be installed on your Yardi server, and it doesn’t matter whether you are self-hosted or hosted by Yardi. Once the file is in place, you create 2 new Yardi buttons, and we show you how. Then on the Yardi Residents screen you can put in all of your regular information such as rent, lease dates, lease charges, roommates, vehicle info, deposits, etc.

Once all that is saved, just click the TenantTech Documents button and the data is instantly transmitted to our server over a secured connection. It’s that quick. Switch to MultiFamilyForms, refresh the screen, and see the new resident and lease information.

No more double-entry.

Look over the rental agreement, print it out, and you’re done.

We’ve even built a fully customizable field-mapping system that allows us to map fields from Yardi’s lease information and associate them with fields in MultiFamilyForms. This allows us to make sure data goes where it’s supposed to.

Is it safe and secure?

Absolutely. Everything we do is created with your data security first and foremost in mind. Every data transmission from Yardi goes over an encrypted SSL connection, and is fully authenticated. The data is immediately stored in our secure system just like the rest of your resident and property information.

What if you don’t use Yardi?

We understand that not everyone uses Yardi for their property management accounting. We are currently exploring integrations with other major software vendors.

Getting started

If you are a current or prospective user of MultiFamilyForms / TenantTech, give our sales team a call or email at 877-230-2125 or and we’ll get this set up for you.