TenantTech Property Websites

Every apartment community of more than a few units deserves its own separate property website in order to maximize lead generation and stay competitive with the market. Did you know that TenantTech can create websites for your communities? On the front end, you'll receive a professionally designed, attractive, and highly functional website. On the back end, your site will be hosted on reliable cloud servers and easily customized with your own photos, floor plans, text, images, etc. You can customize it yourself by uploading your own images, or let us do it for you. You can even add or remove tabs and other navigation elements. We're offering three basic categories of property websites: Template, Partially Custom, and Fully Custom. Template Sites This is the least expensive option because you select from existing templates that are available to other management...
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MultiFamilyForms/TenantTech Yardi Interface

At long last, users of MultiFamilyForms / TenantTech now have an amazingly easy-to-use Yardi interface! This has been in development for the last six months or so. It's a powerful feature that will virtually eliminate double-entry for our clients who use Yardi. How does it work? It's so simple that the demos we've been doing have only lasted a few minutes. We provide you with a single file that needs to be installed on your Yardi server, and it doesn't matter whether you are self-hosted or hosted by Yardi. Once the file is in place, you create 2 new Yardi buttons, and we show you how. Then on the Yardi Residents screen you can put in all of your regular information such as rent, lease dates, lease charges, roommates, vehicle info, deposits, etc. Once all that is saved,...
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